Welcome to Slackword

This blog is a collection of notes mainly on the subjects loosely revolving around Linux and programming. As you may have already noticed, the title of this blog is no accident. It is a tribute to the oldest and finest Linux distribution out there – Slackware.

I started my Linux adventure in 2004. After a period of distro-hopping, around 2006 I became a full-time slacker. As a way of contributing back to the Slackware community, I am a SlackBuilds maintainer for the following SlackBuild scripts:
– i3 (a tiling window manager)
– i3status (a status bar for i3)
– yajl (Yet another JSON library required by i3)
– detox (a tool to clean up filenames)
– perl-AnyEvent-I3 and perl-AnyEvent-Handle (i3’s dependency required to utilise i3’s layout saving/restoring features)

Furthermore, I have the privilege of being an editor at the Slackware Documentation Project.

Feel free to leave comments or if you want to drop me an email, my address is as follows: mherda [at] this_domain


Marcin Herda (AKA sycamorex)