Slackware and i3

The release of Slackware 14.1 has brought a number of important changes including a switch from MySQL to MariaDB or the introduction of UEFI support. For i3 users, however, the most relevant change was the update of cairo. At the beginning of the year the changelog of Slackware’s -current branch read:

Lots of X updates in this batch! We were finally able to upgrade to the
latest cairo (including the long-requested XCB backend), as the text
corruption bug that was preventing that was fixed in the upstream X server.

This, as I have mentioned many times, means that we can now install i3 as the upstream wanted it, in its vanilla state. Today the 14.1 branch of has officially been opened to the public including cleaned-up scripts for i3 version 4.6. Last month I contacted Michael, the author of i3, who suggested a few small changes, which have been implemented.

If you’d like to build i3 from its master git branch, have a look at You can still use my scripts for the master branch of i3, feel free to use the following script:

Happy tiling!!!

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  1. Hi Marcin
    Is there a way to run a more recent version of i3, for example 4.11, on slackware-current?
    I still slack but only a file server now since I switched to i3 for my daily driver work environment.
    But I do wish that was different!

  2. Hello Sajjad,
    Yes, you can. Slackware -current, with some small dependency upgrades, lets you build the latest i3wm. I haven’t upgraded anything on SlackBuilds or here as it wouldn’t work on 14.1. It would require modifying/upgrading some packages that come with stock 14.1. With 14.2 round the corner, I’ll upgrade everything once it’s out.

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