i3wm 4.5 on Slackware

Having come back from my holiday I found a pleasant surprise in the form of a new i3 release which contains a lot of bug fixes and cleanups. For a list of all the changes in the new version, please refer to the release notes.

As usual, you can grab a SlackBuild for i3wm 4.5 here. As explained in my previous posts, this SlackBuild is aimed at Slackware-current and will NOT work for Slackware 14 or older.

Furthermore, regardless of the Slackware version you use, I’d like to encourage you to use SlackBuilds (Slackware14, Slackware-current) pulling the master branch of the i3 window manager. See the explanation in my previous posts.


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  1. Hi Marcin!

    Why didn’t you updated i3 on SBo? It is still 4.2 version. With Pango disabled it builds just fine. I used your scripts here to upgrade, but it would be nice to have them on SBo. Anyhow, thanks for your i3 scripts here and there. Much appreciated.

    1. BTW, i3status needs setuid bit to be able to display wifi status correctly. You may want to change that in i3status script.

      1. Veljko,
        I have been trying to reproduce your error on a variety of Slackware installations for the last 2 weeks. Furthermore, I started a thread on LQ to get more feedback on the issue. It looks like it might be something with your setup as nobody else has experienced a similar behaviour. Let me know when you find what the culprit was. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for your feedback. It’s tempting to push 4.5.1 to SBo but I thought I would wait until 14.1 (or whatever the next version will be) to adhere to Slackware philosophy of including as “vanilla” software as possible. Good news is that it looks like the next version of Slack will fully support all i3wm features.

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