i3 4.4 on Slackware

i3wmEverybody knows that tiling window managers are the cure to all the world’s problems.

…and with the recent release of i3 v. 4.4, the world should sigh with relief. Having thoroughly inspected i3 source code, I can assure everyone that the world is NOT going to end tomorrow or any time soon.

Now that I have hopefully put your mind at rest, we can focus on the new i3 release. As I blogged a few months ago, the 4.3 introduced the pango support for rendering text which resulted in the package not compiling on the stock Slackware installation (see details). The situation has not changed with the release 4.4. At the moment of writing this, Slackbuilds.org offers i3 4.2 which is the last version that works flawlessly without any hacks. If you would, however, like to run i3 4.3+ you can either recompile the stock Slackware cairo package with enabled xcb support or disable pango support in i3. Again, I have chosen the latter option as being less intrusive on a Slackware system.

Below are my updated SlackBuilds scripts for the most recent stable version of i3. The Slackbuild is not written for any particular version of i3, such as 4.3 or 4.4. It automatically pulls the source from the ‘master’ branch of i3 git repository, which is the most recent “stable” release + any bug fixes.

i3 master branch SlackBuilds

One of the new features included in this release is i3-dmenu-desktop, a dmenu wrapper for .desktop files. The feature was discussed in one of the threads of i3 mailing list. To see the full list of changes and bug fixes, please visit 4.4 release notes.

Update: See the update to this article here.
Happy tiling!!!

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