Slackware current ISO size

For the last year or so I have used Eric’s excellent mirror-slackware-current script (as a cronjob). This is a great way of staying up to date with the development in the -current branch of Slackware, as well as creating ISO images of Slackware-current snapshots. As Slackware is getting bigger, so is its ISO image. Fortunately, Eric has updated his script to make it possible to exclude some directories from the DVD. Before the upgrade, a Slackware-current’s ISO image exceeded 5GB of data. This obviously wasn’t ideal bearing in mind that a standard DVD medium can only hold 4.x GB. After the exclusion of /testing and /pasture the image takes as little as 2.2GB. Here’s the relevant snippet of the script:

# If you want to exclude more from the DVD ISO than just the ./testing                                    
# directory, you can add the directories to DVD_EXCLUDES.                                                
# The pathnames must be local to the top level and must start with ./                                    
DVD_EXCLUDES=${DVD_EXCLUDES:-"-x ./testing -x ./pasture -x ./source"}

Thanks Eric.

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